Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back Link Authors Dear to My Heart

I was also thinking of “I Heart Authors”. In the last entry good books were mentioned for the following of my favourite authors:

Sue Hubbell
Anne Lamott
Margaret Atwood
Bruce Chatwin
Jane Austin

There are still numerous authors who I just adore, but their books aren’t necessarily included in my favourite book lists. Not because there books don’t belong there. There are authors whom I love as a whole, for all their works, and not for one specific book they’ve written.

Actually, there are authors where I don’t remember which book was The Book, which convinced me to read everything and anything they’ve written. So my question is of you readers of this blog entry… If you were to recommend any one book of each of the following authors, which would it (they) be:

Ellen Gilchrist
Jane Gardam
Annie Dillard
Anne Tyler
Elisabeth Bowen
Barbara Ehrenreich
Michael Ignatieff
Bruno Bettelheim

Please just place your suggestions in the comment window.


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